vRLC Vlog

Join Cory and Shawna as they walk us through what we can expect from vRLC!

Episode 5: Registration ends September 16th! As if you need more reasons to get registered for this awesome event, Dan Wolgemuth shares why you need to come, and we also share the names of some of our speakers!


2020 vRLC Vlog Episode 5 from Youth For Christ USA on Vimeo.


Episode 4: This week Shawna and Cory chat with Eric Kelly about virtual booths and his love of music from Carman. We also hear from one of our amazing Omaha YFC staff, Jarell Roach!

Episode 3: In this week's episode Cory sits down (virtually) with West Michigan YFC's Executive Director, Dan Kregal, to talk about what people want to know more about...the content! What exactly are we going to be doing at the conference? What does the schedule look like? Watch and find out!


Episode 2: This week Cory and Shawna are talking with Nina Edwards about the main session content!

Episode 1: Cory and Shawna are here to get you all the info you need to be prepared for the 2020 Virtual Regional Leadership Conference! It's happening October 13th-14th, and you can visit events.yfc.net/vrlc for more info!