Viewing Virtually

The vRLC lends itself well to local, smaller gathering. It will be the responsibility of local Chapters and Affiliates to follow all guidelines from their local and state jurisdiction for gathering to ensure a safe viewing environment. In light of this, flexibility for the virtual conference format will also be maintained in the case that gathering of any kind is not possible again come October.

Once a Chapter/Affiliate has registered, and we have received the group roster, the appropriate amount of logins will be provided for each Ministry Site Director or paid staff only.

  • This limitation to Ministry Site Directors and paid staff is due to the attendee limit of our platform. 
  • This cap applies to individual participant logins in the virtual space, not how many people can be viewing sessions together in the same, physical room. Please stick to local and state guidelines on gatherings.
  • Attendees should be on the lookout for a personal login/access code coming soon to your inbox from vFairs. If you do not receive a unique login by October 9th (end of day), please email, and we will assist you.

Here is our Experiencing the vRLC Guidebook for all attendees. 

Here is our Preparing and Leading a vRLC Viewing Experience Guidebook with tips, tricks, and group interaction suggestions.


  • Follow local health guidelines, maintain social distancing, and wear mask where applicable.
  • Wash hands frequently and have hand sanitizer available.
  • Make sure food is served safely and with proper health equipment to avoid any unnecessary contact exposure to illness.

Below are a few images that offer a sneak peek into what you will experience at vRLC!