Event Status Log

Event Status:

October 15th-22nd: Feedback survey and follow-up communications sent out

October 13th-14th: vRLC is live!

October 9th: Attendees should have received their logins to the vFairs platform by the end of the day. If not, please email events@yfc.net.

October 5th: The vRLC Guidebooks, which include information on what to expect for the event and how to prepare/setup for hosting vRLC watch party in your local area, were released.

September 23rd: vRLC Q+A Zoom call — More information on joining on the FAQ page

August 28th: Locked in D.A. Horton as a guest speaker

August 25th: Locked in Terry Linhart, PhD and Dr. Josh Packard as guest speakers

August 17th: Locked in 3Story® workshop leaders & Coffee and Conversation speaker

August 8th: Vlog 4: Virtual Booths + Interview with Eric Kelly

August 5th: First sneak peak into our Virtual Platform

Late July: Locked in Spiritual Formation & Keynote Speakers

June 5th: Vlog 3: How to Register + Interview with Dan Kregel

June 28th: Prayer Team began meeting and covering the event in prayer

June 18th: Vlog 2: Content + Interview with Nina Edwards

June 16th: Registration opened

June 5th: Vlog 1: Introduction

June 1st: Announcement of Group Pricing Tiers

May 15th: Selected vFairs as our Virtual Platform

Early May: Listening calls held for Executive Directors to discuss their interest and value of a virtual conference

Late April: Began vetting several virtual platforms and experienced demos

April 9th: Formal decision to pivot from seven in-person conferences to one large scale virtual event