Each Breakout will be 75-minutes long and offered three times

3Story® Buzz Words

In YFC’s 3Story®, several buzzwords are used to describe who we are and what we do. In these two breakouts we will pay attention to buzzwords AUTHENTIC and INVITE.


In today's culture, people love the word “authentic”…it gets used so often, “authentic” can actually start to sound fake! 
So, what does it mean to live the authentic life of a Jesus-follower in relationships with other people? In this breakout we'll examine our own relationships with Jesus; noticing how He does the authentic work of pulling us close, shaping our inner lives, and including us in His holy and magnificent story.


Have you ever felt pressure to "turn the corner"? Are you intimidated by how success in evangelism has come to be defined? In this breakout, we will break down some of the myths associated with our understanding of evangelism, taking the focus off of us and refocusing on God and the work He is inviting us into.

Growing Up: The Journey to Maturity

The Scriptures have clear descriptions, expectations and exhortations about Christ-followers becoming “mature and complete.”  Where are you in your journey to maturity? Where are your growing pains?  No matter your age in years – are you moving toward maturity and wholeness in your life of faith?  Are you aware of your strategies that resist the Spirit’s nudges that self-protect you from the places within that needto grow up?  In this breakout we will discuss the ways God works in us, our common responses and how we get to cooperate to “grow up into the full measure of Christ.”


What a Way to Pray          

In this breakout we will discover and practice three unique approaches to prayer. Each one helps us to notice God's presence with us all the time and to listen to His voice.


Mental Health

In this season of life many of the students we work with are struggling with mental health issues, and if we’re honest, many of us leaders are struggling as well. In this breakout we will unpack the impact of mental health issues on the youth we serve, as well as on us, and share how to assess and recognize signs and symptoms, as well as share resources for help.


Biblical Foundation for Women in Leadership: 

Jesus empowered leaders from every walk of life to advance His kingdom, and He specifically empowered women as leaders in both the Old Testament and the early Church. To reach young people everywhere, we believe it’s critical to both empower the many amazing women leaders who are part of the movement, and create an atmosphere where new leaders can flourish at every level. Join us as we use Scripture, personal testimony and practical examples to support YFC’s position that women are called to both lead and teach at every level of leadership within our movement.