September 9-12, 2021 | Indianapolis, IN

VENUE: Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

350 West Maryland Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

September 9th: 
​Registration & Welcome: 1pm - 4pm EST
Opening Session: 6:30pm - 8pm EST

September 12th:
Final Session finished by 12pm EST

To view the full conference schedule click here.


How to Install Whova for NLC                                                                                                             

  1. Go to the App store on your mobile device and search WHOVA:  
  2. Once downloaded, you need to sign up and/or create an account with the SAME email that you are registered with.  
  3. After creating the account, you can search for an event, in the search box type: Youth For Christ National Leadership Conference, and then you can join the event!  
  4. When you’ve joined in, please take some time to maneuver throughout the platform, explore it and familiarize yourself with it. Visit the community pages, see a map of the hotel and more!  



Our main stage speakers and band have been announced, click here to learn more!


Click here to learn about our Breakouts being offered!


What is the purpose of NLC? The primary purposes of the National Leadership Conference are spiritual renewal, unifying vision, and celebrating progress toward our preeminent goal. Designed to be the “family gathering” for ALL YFC leaders — Site Directors, Affiliate Directors, Executive Leaders, Coordinators, Board Members, Admin, Young Leaders, and spouses – there will be content for all of us to grow as Christ-centered leaders and invest in soul care.

Why the rebrand? Traditionally, MidWinter has been referred to as “The YFC Family Gathering.” Unfortunately, changes to the frequency of this gathering and our target audience have shifted over the years, which led to confusion on who is invited and also led to inconsistencies. Changing the name to National Leadership Conference helps continue the flow between Regional and Ministry Leader Conferences (RLC & MLC) and give us one unified platform to deliver a variety of events and conferences. 

Why the fall? Similar to the rebranding, switching the time of year of the event is designed to add a natural flow to our event and conference season. After two years of Regional Leadership Conferences across the country, we will come together unified at one, large-scale national conference on the third year of the cycle. This also eliminates the cost of an additional event in the winter, as the year off of RLC allows for those finances to go towards attendance of the NLC.

Start dreaming about what you and your staff can do in Indy for NLC 2021 by checking out our “What To Do in Indianapolis” microsite!