Sessions & Breakouts

Large Group Sessions:

There will be two large group sessions offered, that everyone should participate in during the Ministry Leadership Conference. Even if you have multiple teams meeting onsite from different ministry models, these topics are important for everyone!

Hearing From Young People
We know that Gen Z is disconnecting from Christianity at increasing rates. But what about kids who are part of YFC? What is the enduring legacy & impression that we leave with kids?  What would kids say if we asked them to honestly share about YFC?  We spoke to 4 students from different backgrounds about their experiences with YFC and asked them how we could reach their peers by building on our strengths and correcting weaknesses. Join Johanna Ralsten-Cox from Miami YFC as she connects with, and interviews young people and helps us learn more about the importance of pursuing young people with authentic Christ-sharing relationships.

Mental Health
Stacey Oswald and Grace Krup from West Michigan YFC, are spending time talking about top mental health issues our teens are facing today. They will cover ways to better identify these issues and how you can lovingly approach young people to show God’s love in this space. In addition they will take some time to reflect with ministry leaders on their own personal journey in this area and steps they can take to care well for themselves. 


Depending on the size of your group, you might consider splitting up into multiple breakouts, or choose one and do it all together. These are designed for smaller groups, and to create group interaction. The topics are listed below, and more information on each breakout will be available shortly.

Trauma Factors and Awareness
Trauma is our mission field. This breakout will explore various risk factors that young people experience, as well as talk through the implications of Adverse Childhood Experiences with youth at our ministry sites. Taught by Eric Kelly & Megan Kelly

Cross Cultural Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships
Whether we recognize it or not, each of us carry our own biases, assumptions and cultural norms into the various ministry contexts of YFC. Oftentimes, our cultural background may prove to be a hindrance to creating Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships when we are doing ministry amongst young people with a different cultural heritage from our own. Join us as we explore Paul’s example of becoming “all things to all men” so that that more young people may hear the good news of Jesus. Taught by Myron Bernard

Pursuing Meaningful Relationships
This breakout will focus on one of the most important aspects of YFC relational ministry – pursuing! We’ll talk through an overview of Relational Ministry Actions, with an emphasis on how and why we pursue 11-19 year olds, not just let them come to us. Taught by Liz Irick

The Power of Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships: Relational Ministry Defined and Developed
Young people in Gen Z have grown up a “Post, Post-Modern" society. Their concepts of truth, information, and trustworthy authority have changed. Authentic relationships with Christ-sharing adults are critical to overcoming the barriers of Gen-Z faces in receiving the gospel. Join us as we hear stories and offer suggestions in utilizing ACSRs to reach more young people. Taught by Darrin Miller

Effective Time Management for Volunteers
Plenty of ink has been spilled over various time management techniques, but this workshop focuses on “time debt”-  the feeling of not having enough time to complete everything. When it comes to investing time in authentic Christ sharing relationships, how do we balance competing priorities in our lives? Taught by Matt Bellwood

Conducting Quality Appointments
This training will give you the tools on how to Meet effectively with young people to focus on their individual. When we L.U.V. (Listen, Understand,Validate their experience) young people well: relational equity, trust, and authentic Christ sharing relationships are formed. Taught by Nygel Simms and Brian Biedenbach

Sharing Your Story
This breakout will focus on a critical piece of YFC’s 3Story DNA – YOUR story. We’ll give you practical ways to use Your Story to connect God’s Story to the life of a young person. The way that God has shaped your story is worth telling, so let’s find out how to tell it effectively.  Taught by Ryan Anderson