Q: When?

  • Jan 30, 2021

Q: Will this be another virtual event?

  • Most of this event will happen locally, but we will take advantage of our virtual capabilities for speakers, main sessions, or breakout content
  • Overall, this will be a more hybrid experience between in0person teaching and virtual experiences.

Q: Why a one-day, singular event?

  • Having everyone attend on the same day gives us the ability to use virtual platform, coordinate with leaders across the country, and deliver higher quality content.
  • Also, it’s always more fun when everyone is joining across the country!

Q: What does my registration cost cover?

  • It covers the cost and access to the virtual platform.
  • Please note: Any snacks or food provided will be determined locally by your Chapter/Affiliate.

Q: Why Chapter/Affiliate focused?

  • This saves cost, transportation, and can customize training to Ministry Leaders within a specific demographic need (example: a predominately JJM Chapter)