Q: When is MLC 2021?

  • MLC 2021 will be a one-day event hosted on January 30th.

Q: What is a hybrid event? Will this be another virtual event?

  • This event is being designed for you to experience in small gathering with your ministry sites. Content will be delivered virtually, including main sessions and breakout classes, with the option to deliver some of the content in-person within your ministry site gathering. 
  • Overall, this is a hybrid experience because it will include in-person gatherings and virtual experiences.

Q: Why a one-day event?

  • By hosting a one-day event, everyone can attend on the same day for the first time in YFC history! 
  • This also gives us the ability to coordinate with leaders across the country, and deliver higher quality content.

Q: What does my registration cost cover?

  • Registration covers the cost and access to the virtual platform, as well as resources you will receive for hosting your ministry site gatherings. 
  • Please note: Any snacks or food provided will be determined locally by your Chapter.

Q: Why is it Chapter-focused vs. regionally-focused?

  • COVID-19 restrictions may inhibit larger gatherings.
  • It saves cost and transportation.
  • You can customize training to your ministry leaders within a specific demographic need (example: a predominately JJM Chapter

Q: What content will be covered?

  • We recognize 2020 has been hard on all of us personally and in our ministry. Because of this, a lot of our content will be focused on refreshment and spiritual formation. As we strive towards centering everything we do with the kid at the center in mind, it is so important to invest in the health of our volunteers and ministry leaders.
  • Our breakout content will be highly-contextualized, highly-interactive, and highly-practical for ministry in the current world we are living in.