Executive Director University

The purpose of Executive Director University (EDU) is to provide our newest Executive Leaders; Chapter/Affiliate Executive Director, Chapter Development Director or those considering an executive role in the future with training tools, encouragement and connection so they will be successful in their role. We provide an interactive classroom experience that will focus on important aspects of being an Executive Leader as well as providing many opportunities to interact with YFC/USA staff. Our desire is that Executive Leaders leave EDU sure of their calling, excited about their role and confident that they will be supported in their mission to serve the young people of their area. This time will focus on board relations, planning, funding, team development, risk management and Christ-centered leadership.  

The days are long, but we strive to keep our students engaged through varied subjects, teachers, teaching methods, case studies and group interaction. Veteran Executive Leaders are also welcome to attend, as well as staff who are considering an executive role in the future. 

When: March 22-26, 2021

Where: Denver, CO

Faculty: Nina Edwards & Others

Prerequisite: YFC Institute

Cost$1,500 - includes registration, all training content, meals and accommodations.

Focus: Leading, Funding, Planning and Managing