2020 Dates and Locations

The Who, What and Why of RLC

Who: Everyone is encouraged to attend, with our focus being on Ministry Site Directors, Ministry Team Leaders, and Administrative/Operations Leaders.

What: Regional Leadership Conferences are regionally held, staff and volunteer conferences. These conferences have a long history in YFC and aim to foster unity within the region and movement-wide. Expect training that pertains to you!

Why: RLCs train and develop ministry site leaders, and equip them with ministry tools to implement at their ministry sites. They also provide an opportunity to come together to celebrate the work of God, spend time in community, and refresh missional focus on the preeminent goal.


2019 Conference Schedule

*See the PNW page for your unique pilot schedule!


3:00-6:00pm - Registration
6:30-8:30pm - Opening General Session with Dan Wolgemuth
                      "Christ-Centered Leader and Kingdom Inspired Diversity"
                       5 + 10 Year Service Award Presentations


6:30-8:00am - Breakfast (Light, Continental Breakfast Provided)
8:00-9:00am - Introduction and Overview of the Volunteer Life Cycle (All Together)
9:15-10:45am - Finding Volunteers for the Mission (All Together)
11:15-12:45pm - Breakout Sessions
                           "Keep and Lift" Volunteer Processes - split by your YFC Role
                           "Win" Processes - Focused on screening and on-boarding for Administrative Leaders
12:45-3:00pm - Lunch Break
3:00-4:30pm - General Session - "Joyful Camaraderie and Relentless Trust"
4:30-9:00pm - Free Time (Go out and put Joyful Camaraderie into practice!)


6:30-8:00am - Breakfast (Light, Continental Breakfast Provided)
8:30-10:00am - Affinity Breakouts - split by your ministry model, administrative leader, or executive leader
10:30-12:00pm - Closing General Session - "Enduring Humility and Courageous Faithfulness"